The “V. A. N.” Approach to Making Dreams Come True

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I’ve had a 10-year dream come true. I had a vision to create a tennis instructional video to share some of my experience in coaching tennis with other coaches and with tennis players. Not only did I create one video, but instead I created 3 videos. I utilized the V. A. N. Approach which is what I want to encourage you to do with goals and dreams that you have in your life.

V – Have a Vision
A – Take Action (the hardest part including the follow through)
N – Network (get the word out)

Regular people, like you and me, can accomplish worthy, personal goals by following the V. A. N. Approach

Coach Ben Loeb of Rock Bridge High School, Columbia, MO Created 3 tennis instructional videos produced by the nationally known company Championship Productions website:

  1. Warm-up, Singles Drills and Games & More
  2. Dynamic Doubles Training
  3. On-Court Mental Performance

All three tennis instructional videos are available for preview on the link below. They may be purchased either by Instant Video or by DVD. Please write a favorable review on the Championship Productions website if you like the videos.

If you teach or coach kids tennis…I want to congratulate you on dedicating time to helping kids grow through sport. I am confident you will find useful information in these videos to help you. There is no place to hide on a tennis court. The mental, emotional, and physical skills needed in this competitive arena makes for a great challenge. You make a difference in the life of kids.

Keep Striving to Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Others

Be a Lifelong Learner