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Who Should Read This Book and Do the Exercises?

The ultimate road map for anyone seeking to achieve peak mental performance!

  • Understand and apply the concepts that make up the McGuire-Selking-Ivey Pyramid Model of Mental Toughness to deliver your very best performance when the challenge is the hardest
  • Learn to BELIEVE in yourself to overcome talent deficits, limitations, or disabilities and achieve your highest goals
  • Features essential questions that athletes, performers, and/or people must ask themselves on their mental toughness journey

Whether you’re seeking to dominate in athletic competition, excel in the performing arts, reach the top of your career path or any other area of life that requires a mental edge, McGuire and Loeb, along with Selking and Ivey have collaborated to develop a true roadmap to success in this book. Learn how to BELIEVE and become the best version of yourself, starting today!​

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