It was 18 years ago today, 9/11/2001 that the World Trade Center Towers were attacked. I remember teaching in my Business Law class at Rock Bridge High School when told of the news by a student. At the time I thought it must have been a gross error on the part of the pilot. Soon I found out otherwise. The United States of America had been attacked. The new wave of terrorism had made a catastrophic, direct hit. This act hurt American citizens to the core. It still hurts today. It was our “team” that had to mourn and then stand up again. At least we had a chance unlike so many that died.

In my book, Next Level Coaching, there is an exercise entitled “The Ties that Bind Us.” The employees of a company that makes American flags were asked what the flag stands for – freedom, opportunity, and pride. On 9/11/2018 I ask myself and I ask you to reflect on the freedom you have to choose in your life, the opportunities before you in sport and more importantly in life, and what you can be proud of. Find something because it’s there. Some Americans are not here to answer these questions that deserve to be.