Patrick Mahomes – Mr. Resilient

By November 28, 2018Uncategorized

Why is This Quarterback So Good?

It’s amazing what Patrick Mahomes has accomplished as a quarterback in the NFL this season. He’s in his second year in the League and his first year as a starter. What makes him so great and likely to be great for many years ahead?

Patrick has so much talent and accuracy in his passing game. He is also a very effective runner.

Patrick normally makes a lot of good decisions with his reads and progressions in surveying the field. He knows how to find the open receiver.

Work Ethic
You can tell from the way he conducts himself in interviews that he is eager to learn. He also appears to be willing to put in the time to improve and make himself the best quarterback he can be. He does not rest on his success to date in his first season as a starter.

This attribute will be the great separator for his long-term success. Watch Patrick’s body language after a bad play. Check out how he carries himself after an interception or strip sack fumble recovery by the opponent. There is no panic or negative response. He projects himself as being confident and in control of his emotions.

Patrick exemplifies an athlete that immediately becomes mindful of the moment. He is obviously aware of what has happened. Instead of dwelling on the negative event, he accepts it, reflects on it objectively on the sideline, and then moves on ready to take action with the next opportunity.

The November 19th game against the L. A. Rams was a difficult 54-51 loss. The Chiefs were down just like the team had been in other games. But they have a way of battling back. The resiliency of the team and their young quarterback are a key reason why. Coaches, athletes, and those not involved in competitive athletics can learn from how resilient they are.