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Who Should Read This Book and Do the Exercises?

This book is for any athlete to use on their own or for a coach to use with their athletes in order to improve the mental/emotional side of their game. Coaches may wish to do these exercises with their teams at either the collegiate level or the high school level. Individual athletes will benefit from the book, whether they are part of a team or not. The book can also be used with some pre-high-school-aged athletes with coach or parent guidance.

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What They’re Saying

Ben has produced an excellent, comprehensive guide for anyone seeking greater competitive success. It is thorough, practical, and compelling.

Jim LoehrCo-founder of the Johnson & Johnson Performance Institute and Best Selling Author

In my 20 years of independent practice as a sport psychologist I have rarely come across a book with such enormous accuracy, breadth, depth, and practicality. The lessons and exercises are easy to implement, up to date, and will greatly benefit any athlete, coach or performer even far beyond sports. I simply cannot offer up enough praise for what Ben Loeb has accomplished and this book has just earned a most prominent place on my office bookshelf!

John F. Murray, Ph.D.Licensed Clinical and Sports Psychologist, Palm Beach, Florida Author of the book The Mental Performance Index

Ben has created a useful guide for putting mental training into action for athletes and coaches.

Jim Taylor, of Train Your Mind for Athletic Success: Mental Preparation to Achieve Your Sports Goals

Ben has written an excellent treatise of sport psychology for coaching. This book is full of great nuggets of information for coaches at any level.

Jack GroppelCo-founder of the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute

It’s very difficult to teach the many concepts of what I call the ‘Mental of Competition’. You have simplified these concepts and supplied the techniques to improve. Very impressed! I would highly recommend this for those that want to take their performance to the next level.

Gary PinkelHead Football Coach University of Missouri 2001-2015; author of "The 100-Yard Journey: A Life in Coaching and Battling to Win"

What Coach Ben Loeb has created with his book Next Level Coaching what is most needed, a practical guide to sport psychology for athletes and coaches. You can open the book and apply a concept immediately to yourself or your team. It is written in a manner that young athletes can digest, but it is also very relevant and useful for adult athletes. Coach Loeb's use of open-ended, exploratory questions is the crux of the approach which will allow athletes to explore their understanding of themselves and of what it takes to perform consistently at a high level. For a coach it provides a template for individual or team mental training that will "move the ball forward" and enhance performance.

Larry Lauer, Ph.D.Certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Assoc. for Applied Sport Psychology; Mental Skills Specialist - United States Tennis Association Player Development Inc.

Ben Loeb, in Next Level Coaching, has done a wonderful job bringing together Mental Toughness strategies with exercises that Coaches and Players can use to reflect on their performance. This is an important step in developing awareness and then taking action! Coaches and Players will greatly benefit!

Linda LeClaireEnergy Coach, author of The Confidence Factor; and Yes, God Speaks to Women, Too! A Message of Health, Healing and Hope

I often hear coaches and athletes say, “This sport is 90% mental.” Yet most would admit to spending 90% of their training on the physical aspects of their sport. Perhaps it’s because they have not had a concise, practical, and interactive resource to guide them in developing the mental/emotional side of sport. Well, now they do. Ben Loeb’s book provides the kind of comprehensive guidance every athlete and coach needs. This book is easy to use due to its layout, short chapters, and helpful exercises. I highly recommend this book for your library.

David BenzelFounder, Growing Champions for Life

Why Should the Athlete and/or Coach Read This Book?

This book is full of short readings and exercises for the athlete to work through. Most teams and individuals will love being able to complete a reading and its exercise in less than ten minutes. Coaches often don’t have the time to find reading material on sport psychology, and most student athletes are too busy juggling sports and school to seek out that information in a concise format.

This book, then, provides a comprehensive, user-friendly approach to applying sport psychology. The coach or athlete will be able to access quick information and tips on a multitude of topics—all aimed at helping them achieve personal and team excellence. There are several choices within each chapter to allow the coach or athlete to decide how much depth they want in a given topic area.

Here are a few suggestions on how to use the book:


Do It Weekly

Do one or two exercises a week, depending on your level of interest. 


Determine Your Order

1. Rotate from chapter to chapter to select your next exercise. This book does not need to be read in chronological order. You can even select the order in which you want to complete the exercises within a chapter. 


Focus on a Topic

Select two or more exercises from the same topic area if that is a particular need or interest before rotating onto other topics.

Works for Everyone

If you are part of a team, plan to do some exercises this season and others the next season. An individual athlete can apply the same strategy.


Select specific self-evaluation inventories that you want to do each season or year.

There will be some overlap on your journey through this book, as some exercises may seem similar to others in the same or a different chapter. This allows you to choose which approach and perspective you prefer.

I wish you well on your journey toward developing a sharper mental edge in sports. And don’t forget what my mother said: “Relax and have fun!” I blew it off as a teenager then, but as an adult I realize it was superb advice—on and off the court.

Next Level Coaching Written By Ben Loeb

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