Meditative Breathing-Discoveries-Intentions – A Daily Routine

By November 29, 2021Uncategorized

Below is a short daily routine that can help you get in touch with the true you in an objective way. Take the opportunity to go to a relaxing, calm state by utilizing your own breath. Look at what you have discovered about yourself and then set some upcoming intentions. The quick and easy way is to not record your thoughts in the table below, but to “just do it.” The recommended way is to record your thoughts in the table for a potentially greater impact.

Recommended Sequence:

  • Morning Routine (before getting up): Focus on the breath – Discoveries from yesterday – Intentions for today
  • Evening Routine (before sleep): Discoveries from the day – Intentions for tomorrow – Focus on the breath
  • Note: Record the approximate amount of time for meditative breathing (suggest 1 to 3 minutes)

Download Table Here