GRIT – Is It in You?

By May 27, 2023May 30th, 2023Uncategorized

Listed below are three traits that when put them together describe grit.
I think we all admire people that show these traits in whatever they are pursuing.

Grit – in sport and life

Here are some concise definitions of each trait:
Perseverance – your willingness to stick to it no matter the difficulty or the resistance.
Passion – your enthusiasm for investing yourself wholeheartedly in the process.
Resilience – your ability and willingness to bounce back from setbacks.

I think of grit as a relentless pursuit of something. That “something” could be the pursuit of winning in sport or in other areas of your life. Grit could be in how you overcome an injury or in your recovery from a medical condition. Grit is needed when you have a setback in life (i. e., divorce, loss of a job). You know it’s going to be uncomfortable, but you are determined to find a way to get through it anyway. Do you show grit in your preparation for a college entrance exam, or in preparation for getting into law school, medical school, or preparing for the CPA accounting exam?

Most of us acknowledge the need to show grit in how we compete against others in sport. Are you going to bear down when you need it most? Are you going to dig in and fight for the win and/or to bring out the best in yourself when you need it most? Do you show grit in your preparation? Is it in you?

Think of someone that you admire that shows the traits of grit. Ironically, it’s my father’s birthday today (May 27). He passed away in 2005. What I admired in him was his grit – his willingness to persevere, show passion, and be resilient in all areas of his life. I honor him by striving to show the same traits in myself. Think of someone that you admire who shows these traits in how they go about life. That can be you too. Is it in you?