A Reflection on “OPPORTUNITY” in Sport & Life

By July 10, 2018March 10th, 2020Uncategorized

O P P O R TU N I TY Acronym

  • Open to self-discovery
  • Passionate 
about what you are doing
  • Persistent
 in your effort
  • Opposition – you can deal with the resistance
  • Responsible in your decision-making
  • Trustworthy with others
  • Unity – you respect differences and value things in common
  • Nourish your relationships with other people
  • Introspective – you honestly and fairly look at yourself
  • Transformation – you handle life’s changes, good and bad
  • You count, too!

A key to being emotionally in balance is to view situations as a great opportunity. So many of us become obsessed with the outcome. We want to win! The opponent wants to win, too! Now that we have the “given” part out of the way, we can focus on viewing the situation as a great opportunity to be part of the contest, the game, the un- known. It’s an opportunity for challenge, for self-discovery and if you are part of  a team, for achievement together. Can you look at the situation as an opportunity to test yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally against someone else? You can choose to see the opportunity as part of the reward for participating in the competitive arena?  The opportunity can be a gift in itself and winning can enhance the feeling of accomplishment.

When you have opportunities in sport, you get the chance to play.  When you have opportunities in life, you get the chance to participate.  If you win it feels good and at times it can be exhilarating.  When you lose it can be disappointing and at times maddening.  But when the emotions clear, be thankful for the opportunity in itself and allow that to help you with your own emotional balance.

If we can find the proper emotional balance, we will discover a better version of ourselves on and off the athletic field.